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Whiskey Lore

Aug 2, 2020

Amazing, for all of the people who talk about him in the bourbon industry, Dr. James C. Crow's life is somewhat of a mystery. Born in Inverness, Scotland in 1789, he moved to America and landed in Kentucky. When people say his name, they usually talk about two things, his work with the sour mash process and his Old Crow whiskey. But his influence on the bourbon industry can't be understated.

Yet there are no biographies about his life. In fact, there is little written about him at all.

In the season 3 premiere episode, I'll talk about how Dr. Crow made his way to Kentucky and what happened when he got here. I'll also set up a discussion about the brand and whiskey he was instrumental in creating - a whisky that was considered one of the greatest and then suddenly lost its place among America's great bourbons. Find out on this week's episode.